Hongchen group won the "Shanghai Science and Technology Award"!

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At the "2020 Shanghai Science and technology award conference", Jiangsu Hongchen Group Co., Ltd. won the "first prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award" for its "key technology and industrialization of background free high-performance photochromic dyes".



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Hongchen group's "photochromic" series lenses use more intuitive photochromic technology, which can recognize the ambient light and change color adaptively, so as to provide more protection for the wearer's eyes.



Photosensitive discoloration away from light 感光变色 远离光线困扰

Hongchen group's "photochromic" series lenses can automatically adjust the lens color according to the intensity of ultraviolet light, which is transparent indoors to ensure a clear field of vision. The color changes quickly and evenly outdoors, blocking the passage of strong light. Greatly reduce the load of light stimulation on your eyes, effectively protect your eyes and stay away from daily light problems.



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No need to wear a mirror, multi-purpose and multi scene application 无需摘戴 一镜多用 多场景适用

The indoor and outdoor scenes change more quickly and fade more quickly. There is no need to use two pairs of glasses alternately, which reduces the trouble of picking and wearing sunglasses and ordinary glasses back and forth.



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四大色系 绽放镜彩

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Jiangsu Hongchen Optical Co., Ltd. is one of the professional optical lens manufacturers in China. We focus on lens filed more than 35 years since 1985. Our group company's production base is up to 250,000 Square meters, having around 1,632 employees and 108 professional qualified members.

With 50 South Korea high technology AR machines and Satisloh RX machines from Germany, we can produce 300,000 pieces high-quality lenses everyday. We have 7 optical lens production lines. All of our production lines are updated in recent 5 years.

Since 2002 when we get the import and export license, Hongchen optical already built business relationship with more than 50 countries and regions. We supply our customers various products with excellent quality and reasonable price. Our main products are various finished and semi-finished lens. From CR 39 1.49, 1.56,1.59,1.60, 1.67 to index 1.74. We also have function lens like progressive, Bifocal, photo chromic, Sun lens, Blue block, Antivirus, Antifog and Antiglare lens.

As one of the leader manufacturer in function lens filed, we have obtained CE,ISO9001 and ISO13485 management system certification. In Chinese market Hongchen gets the "China Well Know Trademark" and “High and new Technology Enterprise”authorization .

With years of experience and efforts in lens field, we want to build the world brand and grow to be hundreds years enterprise in future.

we appreciate our customer's trust and support, hope our advanced technology and productions lines will bring the world more clear vision.

Post time: Apr-12-2022