• AR Coating

    AR Coating

    AR Coating color Green, Blue, Gold, Purple, crizal, light blue and so on. Please contact with sales for more information AR coating function Super Hydrophobic Hydro (water) and phobic (dislike) combine to define what makes this anti-reflective coating a popular choice for those living in humid or rainy areas. Those who wear glasses have experienced trying to maintain clear vision on a rainy day. Regardless of how much you wipe away the drops, the water continues to build into a blinding wall...
  • HC Tinted

    HC Tinted

    Lens tint affects glare and the ability to see colors and contrasts. Factors such as long hours in varying light conditions and time spent around reflected light off water, roads and other surfaces that can reduce performance need to be taken into consideration. The right lens tint enhances depth perception and reduces eye fatigue as well as minimizes color distortion and maximizes visual clarity. In also increases contrast and depth perception, protects eyes from Blue Light, and improves v...
  • Super Hydrophobic

    Super Hydrophobic

    Is super hydrophobic coating worth it? So yes, hydrophobic coatings really do work. They do not completely clear water or sweat droplets every time, but they are much better than ordinary sunglasses lenses without a hydrophobic coating. How long does super hydrophobic coating last? This coating will off er approximately one year of outdoor life before recoating of the top coat would be required. When used in indoor or covered applications outdoors, the coating should last for a year or more. ...
  • Anti-Fog Coating

    Anti-Fog Coating

    Quick Details Place of Origin:Jiangsu, China Brand Name:Hongchen Model Number:1.61 Lenses Material:plastic Vision Effect:Single Vision Coating:HMC Lenses Color:Green Diameter:65mm / 70mm Index:1.61 Coating Color:Green.Blue RX Single Vision (SPH & ASP):ASP RX Transition:Available Material:MR-8 MOQ:1 Pair Product Name:wholesale eyeglass lenses   Packaging & Delivery Delivery & Packing Envelops(For choice): 1) standard white envelops 2) Our brand “...