The 34th China (Beijing) International Optical Industry Exhibition is about to open
Hongchen Eye Health
Bringing a new optical store operating model
Come to Beijing·China International Exhibition Center
Hall 3 3017-3031 Hongchen Eye Health Exhibition Hall
let us wait and see!


The new model comprehensively helps optical retail stores achieve growth and transformation.
"Improve store trust, enhance store professionalism, and improve store performance and positive growth."
High-energy spoilers ahead, grab the "fresh" highlights!

At this exhibition, the Hongchen Eye Health Exhibition Hall will visually present the Hongchen Eye Health Eye Optometry Fusion Store to the audience for the first time. It interprets the beauty of balance with a simple and symmetrical design. From the shape of the store to the display in the store, it fully demonstrates the professionalism of the store. sense and sense of sophistication.


Standing at the forefront of the times, with "Healthy China" as the strategic core, help the country promote the development of the big health industry, and create a new retail model of Hongchen Eye Health around the visual health industry.

Fully empower optical stores and help optical stores continue to grow and transform. We will build a terminal retail service platform with the theme of Hongchen Optometry Ecosystem. We will create a win-win circle for Hongchen Eye Health retail. Hongchen Group Wandian brand and you Colleagues will surely have their own highlight moments.

Post time: Sep-08-2023