2023 The 34th China (Beijing)

               The International Optical Industry Exhibition is about to open
               September 11th - September 13th
              Hongchen Group Exhibition Hall sincerely invites you to visit
              Booth No.: B011-B022, Floor 2, Hall 



What kind of surprises will Hongchen Group bring to the Beijing Exhibition in 2023? Come and take a look~

The design of the Hongchenji Pavilion this time adopts a more concise, more distinctive and more outstanding shape to convey professionalism and beauty. The contrasting colors of blue and red are integrated into the overall space design, presenting the most distinctive visual art effect in nature, giving the space a real and rich visual effect, and highlighting the visual beauty of nature.


In 2023, Hongchen Healthy Lens of Hongchen Group will also appear again at the exhibition. We look forward to meeting you again on the spot and continue to protect eye health~


Hongchen Group adheres to the ingenuity of excellence, innovates breakthroughs and efforts, and brings healthy and clear visual experience to every person who needs vision. It is the common choice of millions of families.

Hongchen Group closely follows the national strategic direction of Healthy China and formulated the "Hongchen Group·Healthy China" corporate strategic plan. Focusing on the visual health industry, it continues to innovate and develop, and continues to create social value through industrial synergy.

In 2023, Hongchen Group hopes to pass on the concept of "healthy vision" to more people in need of vision, help improve people's visually healthy life, and promote the rapid development of China's health industry.

Post time: Sep-01-2023