1.50 1.49 flat top bifocal hmc optical lens

Short Description:

Flat top HMC

DIA:  φ28/70mm

Coating: Green HMC

Index: 1.50

Transmittance: 98~99%

The necessity stops to use two glasses.

Capacity to focus two distances: far and close.

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Bifocal Lens

With a segment in the lower area of the lens, a bifocal lens displays two different dioptric powers, which provides presbyopes with clear vision for both near and distance visions.


Quick Details

Place of Origin: CN;JIA Brand Name:Hongchen
Model Number: 1.49 Lenses Material:Resin
Vision Effect: Bifocal Coating:HMC
Lenses Color: Clear Index:1.49
Diameter: 70/28mm Material:CR39
RX lens: available Normal Power:+3.00~-3.00 ADD:+1.00~+3.00    
Product Name: 1.49 bifocal eye glasses Coating Color:Green. Blue
Function: Reading Glasses Opthalmic Photochromic:Gray/Brown

Flat Top optical lens

The upper part of the bifocal lens is used to see the far,and the lower part is used to see the near so that presbyopia patient do not need to change their glasses frequently.

A flat top bifocal lens is offers correction for both near and far distances. It is a multifocal lens commonly prescribed for those suffering from both presbyopia and hypermetropia, a condition whereby, with age, the eye exhibits a progressively diminished ability to focus on near and far objects. The flat top lens includes a segment at the lower half of the lens with a prescription for reading (near distance). The width of the flat top 28 bifocal is 28mm wide at the top of the bifocal and looks like the Letter D turned 90 degrees.


The advantage of the FT bifocal lens

1.49 Flat top Finished.

1) The most popular fused bifocal today has a D-shaped near segment rotated 90 degrees so that the flat part of the "D" is facing up. 

2) This is a D segment bifocal lens. It has the benefit that the optical centre of the near vision part of the lens i.e. the part of the reading area which gives the very best vision, is situated at the top of the reading portion. 

How bifocal lens work?

Bifocal lenses are perfect for people suffering from presbyopia- a condition in which a person experiences blurred or distorted near vision while reading a book. To correct this problem of distant and near vision, bifocal lenses are used. They feature two distinct areas of vision correction, differentiated by a line across the lenses. The top area of the lens is used for seeing distant objects while the bottom part corrects the near-vision

Packaging & Delivery

Delivery & Packing

Envelops(For choice):

1) standard white envelops

2) Our brand "Hongchen" envelops

3) OEM envelops with customer's Logo

Cartons: standard cartons:50CM*45CM*33CM(Every carton can include aroud 500 pairs ~600 pairs finished lens, 220pairs semi-finished lens.  22KG/CARTON,0.074CBM)

Nearest shipping Port  : Shanghai port

Delivery Time :


1 - 1000



Est. Time(days)

1~7 days


20~40 days

If you have any special requirements, can contact with our sales people, we can do all series service similar as our Domestic brand.


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