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AR Coating color

Green, Blue, Gold, Purple, crizal, light blue and so on. Please contact with sales for more information


AR coating function

Super Hydrophobic

Hydro (water) and phobic (dislike) combine to define what makes this anti-reflective coating a popular choice for those living in humid or rainy areas. Those who wear glasses have experienced trying to maintain clear vision on a rainy day. Regardless of how much you wipe away the drops, the water continues to build into a blinding wall. Hydrophobic anti-reflective coatings eliminate this nuisance by creating a surface that repels water molecules on the lens’ surface — allowing the water to slide off.

Additional benefits of hydrophobic lenses include:

● Sweat resistance, making them ideal for physical activity

● Anti-static properties to keep dust and dirt particles at bay


It prevents your eyeglasses from fogging up when you return indoors from the cold, as well as when perspiring. This coating makes a nice addition to all lenses, but is specifically recommended for law enforcement and other first responders who require the clearest vision without unnecessary delay when entering structures.


Spectacle lenses are high-touch items that can potentially have viruses and bacteria on the surface. To answer this problem, Hongchen has designed an antimicrobial coating called Hongchen DuraVision AntiVirus Platinum UV which kills 99,9% of viruses and bacterial.

Transition photo

SPIN COAT technology on photochromic lens. The surface photochromic layer is very sensitive to lights, providing very quick adaption to different environments of various illuminations. The spin coat technology ensures rapid change from transparent base color indoors to deep dark outdoors, and vice versa.

Infrared (IR)

IR, just beyond the red end of the spectrum, is also invisible and harmful to us. Tools used in welding and lampwork applications emit IR, and working with or near these requires precise lens shading.


Anti-glare Coating is applied as a microscopically thin layer that increases your visual comfort, enhances night vision, eliminates glare, and makes reading and screen viewing much more enjoyable. We highly recommend this coating for all eyeglass lenses, especially for polycarbonate, high-index, aspheric, sunglass, and photochromic lenses (which all reflect more light than standard glass and plastic lenses).


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