1.61 Anti-Glare +Anti Virus blue block asp hmc optical lens

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New Anti Glare Lens


Protection from UVA(400nm) band of UV rays cause of conjunctivitis, a cataract.

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Place of Origin: CN;JIA Brand Name:Hongchen
Model Number: 1.61 Lenses Material:Resin
Vision Effect: Single vision Coating:HMC
Lenses Color: Clear Index:1.61
Diameter: 70/75mm Material: KOC, MR-8
RX lens:available Normal Power:0.00~-10.00 CYL:0.00~-6.00
MOQ:200 PAIR Product Name:1.61 anti-glare+antivirus blue cut hmc
Specific Gravity:1.30 ABBE Value:42
ABrasion Resistance:6-8H  

Packaging & Delivery

Delivery & Packing

Envelops(For choice):

1) standard white envelops

2) Our brand "Hongchen" envelops

3) OEM envelops with customer's Logo

Cartons: standard cartons:50CM*45CM*33CM(Every carton can include aroud 500 pairs ~600 pairs finished lens, 220pairs semi-finished lens.  22KG/CARTON,0.074CBM)

Nearest shipping Port  : Shanghai port

Delivery Time :


1 - 1000



Est. Time(days)

1~7 days


20~40 days

If you have any special requirements, can contact with our sales people, we can do all series service similar as our Domestic brand.



包装 抗菌英文

Eyes are important organs of human body exposed to air and easily infected with bacteria. Wearing frame glasses to resist the direct attack of droplets can add a layer of protection. However, the lens belongs to a smooth non porous surface. After pathogenic microorganisms attach to the lens surface, they can survive for a long time in normal environment, and there is a risk of long-term infection. In the daily environment, how to more effectively inhibit the activity of lens viruses or bacteria and protect eyes?

Hongchen health (antibacterial) lens applies the proven effective antibacterial silver ion and chitosan to the lens, which is safe and effective


Through multiple processes and repeated experiments, Hongchen group integrates the silver ion chitosan composite with antibacterial and antiviral properties into Hongchen antibacterial clean membrane by using innovative hcag + technology, with 99% long-term and safe antibacterial effect. Hcag + technology is derived from the antibacterial technology approved by SIAA in Japan, meets the medical level exposure standard, effectively reduces the risk of virus and bacteria surviving on the lens surface, dual antibacterial and continuously protects eye health.


The testing and certification of several authoritative institutions around the world is effective 全球多家权威机构检测认证有效

Hongchen health (antibacterial) lens has also passed the antibacterial performance test of many testing institutions around the world, such as SGS general standard technical service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Korea kotiti Experimental Research Institute, Japan boken Changzhou test center, Guangdong microbiological analysis and testing center, Hong Kong Standards and Testing Center (STC), and the antibacterial performance is more than 99%!


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What Is Blue Light?

    For the purposes of this article, we’ll focus on blue light, one of the many hues in all visible light.

    Blue light is naturally produced by the sun but also by computer monitors, smartphone screens and other digital devices. In addition to these, blue light is produced by LED and fluorescent lights, and compact fluorescent light bulbs. Blue light is essential in maintaining your sleep and wake cycle, mood and keeping your memory sharp.


Harmful Effects Of The Blue Light

    Believe it or not, but today, almost everyone is a victim of Computer Vision Syndrome  (CVS), a condition which results from focusing the eyes on a computer or any gadget for  prolonged hours. Continuous working on digital screens means focusing and refocusing  your eyes back and forth. This leads to eyestrain, dry and sticky eyes. 

The Benefits of Blue Cut Lenses

    Blue Cut Lenses is to block and protect your eyes from high energy blue light exposure. Blue cut lens effectively blocks 100% UV and 40% of the blue light, reduces the incidence of retinopathy and provides improved visual performance and eye protection, allowing wearers to enjoy the added benefit of clearer and sharper vision, without altering or distorting color perception.


What Blue Block Lenses by Hongchen Actually Do


1) Anti-glare blue cut lenses protect your  eyes from the harmful effects of blue light  caused by prolonged working hours on a  computer, laptop or mobile.

2) Lower risk of certain types of cancer.

3) Lower risk of Diabetes, Heart Disease &  Obesity.

4)  Make you feel engertic when you finish the  long time working before the computer.

5)Make your eyes turn tried slowly.


Why We Need The Blue Cut Lens?

    The most common effects of too much blue light exposure are eye strain, blurred vision, and headaches. However, recent studies have focused on blue light’s negative impact on the circadian rhythm and found that watching TV or using a tablet before bedtime, for example, can result in restlessness and disrupted sleep cycles. In extreme cases, too much blue light exposure can even lead to permanent eye damage and vision loss.


    Children are especially vulnerable because their eyes have not yet developed natural defenses against UV and HEV blue light. Today, a staggering 97 percent of American kids under the age of four use mobile devices, and teens are spending an average of 6.5 hours per day on screens. Now that kids are using more digital devices at home and school starting at a young age, it’s important to protect their eyes as much as possible.

Coating Choice


Hard coating: 

make the uncoated lenses are easily subjicted andexposed to scratches


AR coating/Hard multi coating:

protect the lens effectively from reflection, enhance functional and charity of your vision


Super hydrophobic coating:

make the lens waterproof, antistatic, anti slip and oil resistance

Productive Process

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Production Flow Chart


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