On October 20, 2021, the 33rd China International Eyeglasses Exhibition was officially opened in Beijing China International Exhibition Center. Hongchen Group interprets the charm of hongchen Group optical products and services with a unique display form; Follow us to visit hongchen Group and hit the highlights on the first day of the exhibition!

Hongchen Group brand advertising core online, strong exposure

Hongchen health lens brand advertising in Beijing glasses show the core advertising position exposure, C screen hegemony, with a more direct, more effective way to let more consumers know hongchen health lens.


Innovative exhibition hall design to stop ultra high popularity

At the exhibition site, Hongchen Group became the focus of the audience by virtue of its booth with rich design charm, ultra-high quality products and excellent service, which attracted the attention of many customers and won high praise.


Hongchen Health lens experience space

In the exhibition hall, hongchen Health Lens experience space has been independently created, so that you can have a better sense of experience. At the same time, this is the scene of Wang Lee-hom TVC advertisement 1:1 restoration, more interactive feeling, waiting for you to punch in.


I'll go for the health lens hongchen

Hongchen Group after multiple processes, repeated experiments, will have antibacterial and antiviral properties of silver ion chitosan composite materials into hongchen antibacterial clean film using innovative technology, 99% long-term safety antibacterial. Continue to protect the eye health of you and your family under the new normal of protection.


Equipped with health and epidemic prevention gifts, peace of mind to visit the exhibition, without worry

The prevention and control of the epidemic has become normal, and the epidemic has occasionally rebounded. The exhibition Hongchen Group for you equipped with KN95 level OF 3D protective masks, layers of protection, health protection, let you visit the exhibition more at ease.


Hongchen Group is looking forward to meeting with you at The Beijing Glasses Exhibition and unlocking the new trends of Hongchen Group exhibition together. I will wait for you at the scene!


(Booth No. : B011-B022, Floor 2, Hall 1)

Hongchen Group is looking forward to bringing more innovative optometry products to consumers, helping to improve people's visual health life and promoting the rapid development of China's eye health cause.


Post time: Oct-27-2021