On March 20th, Jiangsu Hongchen Group (hereinafter abbreviated as Hongchen Group) held the first new product recommendation meeting at the headquarters of Hongchen with the theme of "Hongchen Health Lenses". On the day of the event, many Hongchen agents/distributors and industry authoritative media attended the event to witness the announcement of the global ambassador of the Hongchen brand and the first launch of the new Hongchen health lenses.

Important release

Leehom Wang becomes the global ambassador for the Hongchen brand

On the day of the event, witnessed by on-site guests and industry media, Hongchen Group founder Mr. Zhang Jiawen and Hongchen Group Vice President Ms. Wang Yuedi jointly unveiled the image of the ambassador, and officially announced the world's top musician Wang Leehom as the global ambassador for Hongchen Health Lenses.

As we all know, Wang Leehom has won numerous awards so far and enjoys a high reputation in the music industry. These achievements are inseparable from his unremitting efforts over the years.


Mr. Zhang Hong, general manager of Hongchen Group, said that Hongchen's stringent quality requirements and a strong heart for keeping improving coincide with Wang Leehom's high standards of music and his long-standing perseverance. In different fields, with the same ultimate pursuit, the images of Leehom Wang and Hongchen Group fit perfectly. It is believed that this cooperation with Mr. Wang Leehom will bring a new look to Hongchen Group.


Strategic upgrade

Hongchen Group, Healthy China

The country made the decision to "implement a healthy China strategy" at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, which raised the health of the people to the height of the national strategy. At the same time, stimulated by the current epidemic, people's attention to health is rapidly increasing, and the health market has huge potential. As a local private lens company in China, Hongchen is closely following the national strategic direction in the formulation of its corporate strategy, and formulated the "Hongchen Group • Healthy China" as the 2021-2026 five-year strategic plan.

The signing of Wang Leehom as the spokesperson is also a signal for the comprehensive launch of Hongchen Group's strategic upgrade, marking a new era of Hongchen's future brand drive and corporate development layout. By cooperating with Leehom Wang to promote the upgrading of corporate brand strategy, it will better convey the brand concept, bring more confidence to channels and consumers, inject greater potential energy into the brand image of Hongchen Health Lens, and enhance the popularity of Hongchen Health Lens products.

World debut

New product of the year "Hongchen Health Lens"

At this recommendation meeting, brand marketing director Yu Ronghai released the strategic plan for Hongchen's 2021 new product "Hongchen Health Lens".


Mr. Wang Gaojun, Manager of Training Department of Hongchen Group, gave a detailed technical explanation of "Hongchen Health Lens".


It is understood that in terms of technology, "Hongchen Healthy Lens" is loaded with "Hongchen Antibacterial Cleaning Membrane", which can effectively kill bacteria and viruses attached to the surface of the lens. The effective rate is as high as 99.9% after being tested by authoritative organizations such as SGS and Korea KOTITI. Hongchen health lenses, long-lasting antibacterial, continue to protect eye health. In terms of brand image, the whole line of brand image was reshaped and adopted the image of Wang Leehom's ambassador, which entered the public's field of vision with a new attitude.


New product display

"Hongchen Health Lens" is trustworthy.

With the simultaneous listing of "Hongchen Health Lenses", the materials and props of related products are also disclosed to the outside world. After the new product was released, all the participants moved to the exhibition hall on the second floor of Hongchen Building. We not only saw the introduction and display of "Hongchen Healthy Lens", but also saw the efforts made by an eyewear company on the road to the eye health of the Chinese people.


Participants took pictures and punched cards to mark the occasion in the exhibition hall. With a camera to record that the Hongchen Group, which has been cooperating for many years, is so powerful.


With 35 years of diligence, Hongchen Group has created a lens brand with multi-link innovation in strategy, products, channels, brands, and communication. With a series of measures such as the announcement of ambassador, corporate strategy upgrades, and new product releases, Hongchen Group will launch a series of online and offline interactive activities to deliver healthy concepts and high-quality products to more consumers.


innovation, focus on research and development, bring more innovative products to consumers, help improve the quality of people's visual health, and promote the rapid development of China's eye health industry.

Post time: Mar-20-2021