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On August 3-4, 2021, Hongmeng College|Sales Elite Training Class-Youth Myopia Prevention and Control Training was held in the conference room on the fourth floor of Hongchen Group. A total of more than 20 people from the headquarters and branch sales of the group participated in the training. The relevant courses of this sales elite training class are aimed at: improving the professional knowledge and ability of sales staff, serving customers better, learning endlessly, going hand in hand, and developing together. The topic starts with training on the factors that cause myopia in adolescents, how to prevent it, and how to control it.


The main causes of myopia are environmental factors and genetic factors. A large number of close eyes are the main cause of myopia. Research data shows that the proportion of adolescents with myopia: elementary school students accounted for 45.7%, junior high school students accounted for 74.4%, high school students accounted for 83.3%, and college students accounted for 87.7%. The eyesight problems of children and adolescents have always been concerned by the society. Especially in the summer, the rate of increase in myopia is particularly fast, so how to protect children and adolescents from vision problems? Let's take a look together……


In the current treatment of myopia, several effective methods for the prevention and control of myopia have been recognized by the international and scientific circles:

One is that the orthokeratology lens has been proven to play a certain role in the prevention and control of myopia and preventing the growth of the eye axis. The second is a low concentration of atropine. After two or three years of observation, it does have a certain protective effect on the progression of myopia. However, the current scientific research has been up to three years so far, and there have been more than three years of observation in some places. At present, my country's CFDA has not approved the production of low-concentration atropine. The third is the recently approved soft peripheral correction contact lens in the United States, as well as the current prevention and control peripheral defocus correction mirror, which has a certain effect.


Myopia is irreversible, and prevention of myopia should start from childhood and pay attention to it carefully. Reasonably arrange the time for children to play with mobile phones, computers, and tablets. Do not use electronic products for a long time. Pay attention to the rest time of the eyes and arrange more time for children to outdoor activities. Strictly follow the principle of eye use: keep the eye distance at 33cm and above, use the eye for 180 minutes, the lighting environment is 200 lux and above, and the outdoor time is above 60 minutes. Allow children to retain more reserves of farsightedness, delay the age of myopia, and reduce the appearance of myopia. At the same time, parents should take their children for visual inspections on a regular basis and closely follow the children’s visual health.

In addition, for myopia children and adolescents, it is recommended to wear myopia prevention and control lenses, which can effectively prevent or delay the growth of the eye axis and slow the increase of the degree. Zhenxue·Student series lenses adopt peripheral control technology to reduce the eye axis growth induced by peripheral hyperopia defocus. Designed according to the shape of the posterior pole of the eyeball, it is more conducive to the visual development of students.


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