Opti 2019 Germany

Our booth number :  C4   235

Referce ID: 41364-1

Hall/ Stand: C4  235

Munich International Optical Expo 2019


Exhibition time: January 25-27, 2019

Venue: new Munich Exhibition Center

Sponsor: Munich exhibition company, Germany

Area: 70000 square meters

Scope of exhibits:

Optical equipment, instruments and tools, microscope, Spectacle Chain, spectacle frame / lens, related ornaments, spectacle parts

And accessories, glasses case and accessories, children's glasses frame, contact lenses and lenses, eyeshop equipment, precision glasses, telescopes, binoculars

Cleaning products, lens grinding equipment, goggles, sunglasses / sports glasses, solar contact lenses, hearing aids, optometry and ophthalmic equipment, vision correction

Instrument, tripod, workshop equipment, barometer, thermometer, shop assembly, EDP, etc.

Exhibition overview:

At the beginning of each year in Munich, Germany, "opti Munich" is an important exhibition in optical glasses and design industry

International Exhibition, is one of the three major European Optical expositions. The opti exhibition, which is held in January every year, is an early start to the technical exchange and trade of the industry

As the most important spectacle Industry Exhibition in European market, opti Munich attracts a large number of professional trade visitors and international visitors every year

More than a quarter of the visitors come from outside Germany. In recent years, the number of visitors from Eastern European countries has also increased greatly

Long. In particular, unlike Italy's Mido and Paris optica, opti Munich focuses on the wealthiest countries in Europe

Regions - German speaking regions, and emerging Eastern European markets.

As an international high-quality exhibition of Optics and design, opti covers everything from frames, ophthalmic lenses, contact lenses, low vision products to store settings

The optical range of technical equipment and equipment is an industry event with perfect product line and industrial chain. Opti is an international market leader and a newly founded enterprise

The industry provides an ideal platform for launching products.

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