On September 12, 2023, the 34th China International Optical Industry Exhibition is in full swing at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing.

Hongchen Group interprets the charm of Hongchen Group’s optical products and services with unique presentation methods; follow us to explore Hongchen Group and see the highlights of the exhibition!


                                                                 hardcore advertising

Hongchen Group's brand advertising hardcore is online, showing strong exposure


Hongchen Group's advertisement was exposed in the core advertising space of the Beijing Optical Fair, dominating the screen, allowing more customers to learn about Hongchen Group in a more direct and effective way.


                                                                       Hit the spot

The exhibition hall design is elegant and concise, which enhances the beauty.

At the exhibition site, Hongchen Group became the focus of the audience with its generous and concise booth, ultra-high-quality products, and excellent services, attracting the attention of many customers. We adhere to our original aspirations and face every customer enthusiastically based on their needs.



Big names in the industry gathered at the scene.

Hongchen Group's exhibition hall attracted many exhibitors and professional visitors to visit, consult and exchange, and also received the attention of leaders of relevant units. The popularity of the site was high and the crowds were surging.


                                                                     Shape the future

                                                            Hongchen Group Healthy China

Hongchen Group faced the industry, demonstrated the results gained since the strategic upgrade, and exchanged experiences with domestic friends and peers.


Today's excitement comes to an end, and the excitement continues tomorrow! We welcome industry partners to visit the Hongchen Group exhibition hall, and thank you for your support and trust! We will forge ahead and strive to create a better new future

Post time: Sep-16-2023